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.s. ambassador in libya. (chanting) >> meantime riots breaking out in tunisia where dozens of pro tests burning the american flag you suicide of the u.s. embassy. >> let's get the latest from our own gregg palkot who joins us live from london. a lot going on. what's the update? >> we were just speaking with a yemeni official. he tells me in fact the perimeter walls the security core done around the u.s. embassy in the capital of yemen have been breached by protestors. he says there was damage done to the embassy grounds. he says the situation is under control. as you noted there was damage done the flag taken down. some injuries some destruction to u.s. property in that area. that is happening while we were also watching in cairo egypt were protests have gone on through tonight into today. police trying to deal with that situation now firing tear gas into a crowd. the anger in yemen and cairo and the anger we are hearing about from other countries as you hear about stemming from the movie "made in the u.s." seen as critical of the muslim prophet mohammed. one of the motivations it is thought be
on the consulate was not preplanned. this contradicts what we heard from libya's president. steve centanni has more. >> was it a planned attack or not? here is susan rice. >> there is an investigation that has begun and will take some time to complete it. that will hill us can certainty what transpired. our best assessment based on the information we have at present is in fact this began as a spontaneous not a premedicated response to what had transpired in cairo. >> others clearly disagree based on the types of weapons used in the attacks that killed ambassador chris stevens in benghazi. they usually laun don't usually a military style assault. they see the attack differently than ambassador rice. >> the way the perpetrators acted i think we -- they are choosing the specific date for this so-called demonstration, this leaves us with no doubt this was preplanned predetermined. >> the chairman of the house untell against committee made a final investigation at least not yet. they were only moderately confident about this there are huge gaps. >> they are hammering the foreign policy. especially the i
they sense weakness. they have seen the governments of libya and egypt failed to provide protection for diplomats and embassies. that was replicated today in yemen because they were on the gates to the embassy. i think our personnel are at risk not just our official diplomats private americans but tourists in the region. we are in a dangerous period. there is no sense that there is anybody on the bridge of the ship of spades. >> a strong warning from ambassador john bolton. our next guest agrees. intelligence officers on the ground to the middle east have been put in. he is professor for advanced study. i want to talk more about what bolton said. perceived or a sense of weakness on the part of the administration not only putting our diplomats but americans at risk. >> the security is not working by the evidence before us. you have to have strong security telling what's over the horizon around you. incredible intelligence warnings possibly from the libyans as well. i think we are going to find more in the next few days about what be know and when we knew it. larger elements of these
likely led that deadly rampage on our embassy -- rather on our consulate in libya. four americans died including ambassador chris stevens. they released ben cue mu back in 2007 and sent him to libya under this condition, that he actually stay in jail there. he was released by the kwad gadhafi regime. the national terrorism association said it is not clear if it was than afabbing. >>> fox news says two white house staff members are connected to the prostitution scandal in columbia. revealing two members of the advanced team checked in prostitutes at overnight guests of their hotel. the official also saying quote we knew very early white house staffers were involved but the white house claimed in april no staff members were involved. there is concern an official report on the incident still has not been released in an attempt to alter it or conceal the role of those involved. >> in colorado the accused shooter james holmes is facing 10 new charges. he faces 24 counts of first degree murder and 116 counts of attempts murder. they are fight to go get access to a notebook that holmes sent t
violently storming building in libya and egypt leaving one american dead. ainsley is following this for us. what sparked all of this outrage? >> protestors are telling us they are upset over a movie a documentary which criticizes islam's prophet mohammed. (gun fire) >> that mob of protestors shooting guns and shooting rocket propelled grenades shooting guns at the counsel american consulate in libya. sent most of the building up in flames. one american dead another wounded. it comes hours after hundreds of islamic protestors descended on the u.s. embassy in cairo tearing down the american flag there trying to burn it instead ripping it apart. a muslim flag similar to the banner used by al qaeda saying quote there is no god but god and mohammed is his prophet. they are vowing to try to restore order. they released a statement saying the embassy of the u.s. in cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of muslims. as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions. the white house disavowed the statement saying it was unauthorized. t
. president obama has not called the deadly raid on our consulate in benghazi, libya a terrorist attack even though some in his administration and secretary of state hilary clinton going so far to say that it was linked to al-qaida. >> they are working with other violent extremist to undermine democratic transitions in africa as we tragically saw in benghazi. >> the president's press secretary jay carny was asked why his boss hasn't called it a terrorist attack. just because he doesn't say it out loud doesn't mean he hasn't acknowledged it was terrorist. the president talked eloquently at about the attack that killed four americans in the general assembly. it is holely unacceptable to repond to the video with violence regardless of the reason. and the republican national committee has a newad out. critizing the president calling the attack bumps in the road. >> it is serious situation over there and i said what the american people and what the press ought to be asking. and i think it is agredgous what is happen nothing the media asking this president. what happened over in libya? what happen
in benghazi has a serious blow from libya. a dozen cia operatives were among the personnel evacuated from the city their role collecting information on target which included a militia group some say was behind the attack and suspected members of al qaeda. >>> she should have known better a flight attendant brought a loaded gun to work and it accidentally went off. jacquelyn looby made her way through security. she was taken to a private screening room where an airport police officer tried to unload the gun but shot a round into the wall instead. luckily no one was hurt. she has a permit to carry the gun. she claims she forgot she had it with her. >> a man pushs his wife from a car and saves her but tragically was killed himself. the 21-year-old driver of a black maza slam nude a mini van which carried a pakistani diplomat before spinning out of control and hitting the 80-year-old. the driver has not been charged but they are investigating. >>> it was politically motivated vandals who broke into his campaign headquarters in staten island new york this weekend. they found cinder blocks in t
the situation in libya. he responded to a report the administration may have received a warning about the attacks in advance. >> this is important information if it's true which means they failed to heed the warning and put the ambassador and three of the colleagues in a desperate security situation. this is the white house story unravelling right in front of itself. what they are trying to do is hide behind the fact that an fbi investigation is pending in libya. the idea that the administration has returned to terrorism as a criminal law matter rather than war is extraordinarily dispushidis -- disturbing. >> they were surprised that means one of two things either a massive intelligence failure or they believe the things were benign. >>> before you leave the house you need to get a first degree weather update with maria molina. >> we had a lot of severe weather with a strong cold front that moves across the east yesterday. reports of roof damage, tree branchs down and even power outages from new hampshire down to the state of florida. widespread area being affected by the scrunch. it
. >> there was a threat of intelligence reporting that groups in the environment in western correction in libya were seeking to coalesce. but there wasn't anything specific. >> despite the fact that four americans were is too unstable. the investigation hasn't started yet. it was clearly a terrorist attack why the administration refuses to say that. this president had deceited al qaeda. >> even though we haven't heard president obama publicly refer to the raid as a terrorist attack jay carney said yesterday on air force one he is the president's spokesman he referred to do it as a terrorist attack. everyone should know it is the president's position as well. back to you in new york. >>> peter doocy, thank you. >>> it is time to look at whose talking and the white house changing its tune at the consulate is what rudy giuliani is talking about this morning. >> he tells sean hannity he thinks the obama administration tried to to have up the attack. >> they had this narrative al qaeda is no longer a big threat. they never say fundamental terrorism. the president was moving on to asia he was going to dec
is slamming the president for his response to the deadly attack on the consulate in libya. he wants him to know they are not bumps in the road. ryan zinc says the murders are a global catastrophe. a federally funded green energy failure hybrid car receiving a disastrous review from consumer reports. it is plagued with flaws which explains why this one burst into flames last month in california. the reason a recalled battery. >>> recently the obama administration made public release of prisoners from guantanamo bay. time served at gitmo is becoming a badge of honor and for many it has been a training ground for waging more terror against america. katherine herridge is in washington with more. >> heather and patti ann about 1 in 3 detainees return to the battlefield if they are released. many have senior positions within al qaeda or one of the affiliates. >> the libyan identified his guantanamo by determined number 557 is the leading suspect in the benghazi consulate. time at gitmo can be like a badge of honor giving them street cred even rock star status. there'sal shir ry who spent near
. froess continue. >> escalating center lines there. >> the white house is claiming the attacks in libya were spontaneous. some say there were definite warnings. >> kelly wright is covering this angle for us. he's live in washington with more. >> according to reports we are getting from fox news our national intelligence correspondent goes on to report there are two-ways to the assault what has been relayed to the intelligence source is in the first wave the attackers were heard to say we got him. speaking of the ambassadors. the second wave went after the motorcade and support personnel. the head of the house intelligence committee who publicly stated it was a premedicated attack explained this was going on. on the attack in benghazi u.s. officials say there was a small demonstration during the day of the attack. at the time of impact during which took place on the u.s. embassy. during that attack stevens and three other americans were killed. they continue to raise more questions about what steps the obama administration could have taken to make the area more secure. the attack is an i
about. >> he is bouncing on president obama for referring to the recent attack at the consulate in libya as quote bumps in the road. >>> the developments in the middle east are bumps in the road. that was by reaction. we had an ambassador assassinated, we had a muslim brotherhood a member elected to the presidency of egypt 20,000 people have been killed in syria. we have trouble in pakistan. of course iran is that much closer to having the capacity to build a nuclear weapon. these are not bumps in the road. it is time for a president to be shaping events not just be mers il. i will get america on track for the kind of leadership we need so we can shape the future of this part of the world and keep america strong. >> the white house responding to his criticism saying republicans are searching toer something to grab on to. the president's views are clear and strong. >>> they are talking and hitting romney on his plan for the economy. during his much criticized appearance on "the view." >> governor romney on 60 men's was asked do60 minutes asked do think it's fair he pays a lower tax rate t
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)